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Number of Days Worked

Why do the 'Number of Days Worked' need to be shown on Invoices? In order for UNSW to apply the ongoing payroll tax exemption, UNSW needs... Read more

Determine Indirect Taxes

How will UNSW determine if 'Indirect Taxes' Apply? In order to determine if UNSW is liable for any of the 'Indirect Taxes' outlined above... Read more

Indirect Taxes

Payroll Tax   This is a state based tax and is payable on all payments made to contractors who have a 'Relevant Contract'. A Relevant... Read more

Preferred Rental Cars

UNSW Procurement has negotiated agreements for business or personal travel with the following suppliers that deliver up front... Read more

Club Lounges

Qantas Information about the UNSW Qantas Club Scheme and Rates: Employees of UNSW are able to purchase Qantas Club memberships at a... Read more

Travel links

When arranging your trip these  external may be useful when arranging your trip. Please note that UNSW does not accept any... Read more