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Invoice Header


Complete the invoice header


Please note the numbers in blue identify the absolute minimum you need to provide.

The invoice header is contains key aspects of the bill such as the date the invoice should be sent, customer references, currency and any other details.  All mandatory fields are identified with an asterix *.  At a minimum you need to enter the date you want the invoice sent (3).


1  The Bill Type Identifier will default to MSC, you can change it if you know what else to use, otherwise you can leave it as MSC as this is what most bills are.

This is not a mandatory field, however if you have a customer reference you want printed on the bill you can enter it here.

This is where you specify the date you want the invoice to be sent.

Here is where you specify how you want the invoice sent.  The default is print, this means the bill will be produced in pdf format (also the most common way of distributing bills)

5  UNSW's default payment terms are 30 days.

6  Here is where to select the invoice currency.  The default is AUD but you can select a different one using the lookup.

If you have arranged a foreign currency hedge with details you can specify those details here.

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Comments and attachments


1   You can enter any comments here.  If you do not want your comments printed on the bill you can untick the "send to customer" box.

2   You can upload attachments into the invoice

3   You can choose to send (or not to send) the attachments to the customer

4   You can add more documents or delete them by using the + or - icons.