eFSD01 Questionnaire

Who should complete the eFSD01 Questionnaire

UNSW requires all Contractors & Consultants to complete the 'eFSD01 Questtionnaire' prior to being engaged, so that UNSW can determine if it is liable for any 'Indirect Taxes'.
UNSW also requires all other Persons and Entities (except Employees & Students) that will be invoicing UNSW for payment, to also complete the 'eFSD01 Questionnaire' so as to enable them to be established in our systems to facilitate payment.

What you should know before completing the 'eFSD01 Questionnaire'

The UNSW Privacy Statement can be found 'here'.
The UNSW Disclaimer can be found 'here'.
If you have trouble accessing the 'eFSD01 Questionnaire' please contact the 'UNSW Tax Team'.

What to do if you make a mistake

If you need to amend an answer in the 'eFSD01 Questionnaire' then you should hit the 'BACK' button on your browser and then hit the [F5] key to refresh the screen to your previous entry.

Accessing the 'eFSD01 Questionnaire'

The 'eFSD01 Questionnaire' can be found 'here'.

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