Higher Education Research Data Collection

One of Corporate Finance and Advisory Services' responsibilities is HERDC.
HERDC is research income and research publication data which is submitted by Universities each year.

This data, along with information from the Higher Education Student Collection, is used to determine the fund allocations to universities through a range of awards and schemes.

What is the HERDC?
The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) Return is an annual return submitted to the Department of Education.
There are 2 parts to the HERDC Return:-
     Return 1:        Research Income
     Return 2:           Research Publications    
The current year’s return is on income received in the previous calendar year (eg. the 2014 HERDC return is based on income received in 2013).
Both returns are due to the Department on the 30th June each year.  Prior to submission, only the research income return is required to be audited.
Corporate Finance and Advisory Services works closely with the Office of the Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) to collect and collate the research income for the whole of UNSW.
The research publications return is completed by UNSW Library, who also work closely with the Office of the Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

What can be included in the HERDC research income return?
The main requirements for inclusion in the research income return are:-
      -      Must meet the definition of “research”
      -      Funding has to come from an external source
      -      The original purpose of the funding must be for research
      -      Only report net receipted income, ie. income that remains in our books after shared grants have been transferred out
      -      There must be a contract or agreement in place for the research to be done, an email, for example, is not sufficient supporting documentation for inclusion

What is Information is Provided in the HERDC Return?
Return 1 – Research Income Return
Data must be grouped into 4 categories:-
     Category 1:               Australian competitive grants
     Category 2:      Other public sector income
     Category 3:      Industry and other research income
     Category 4:      Cooperative research Centre (CRC) research income    
Return 2 – Research Publications Return
Data must also be grouped into 4 categories:-
      -      Books
      -      Book chapters
      -      Journal articles
      -      Conference publications          
For more information on the HERDC Publications Return please contact the UNSW Library Research Reporting Unit on ext 52678.

Why is the HERDC Important?
Submission of the two HERDC Returns and other Higher Degree Research (HDR) statistical data are used to determine how much funding or research block grants (RBG) that UNSW receives for research and research training.
In 2014 UNSW received a total of $156M in RBG. This block grant funding is determined by the average of the previous 2 years’ research performance reported in the HERDC Returns and the student ratios. For 2014, this is based on the average of 2011 and 2012 income, publications and HDR statistics, which were reported in the 2012 and 2013 HERDC Returns.
Specifically, UNSW receives the following research block grants as a result of the HERDC returns & HDR ratios:-
      -      Research Infrastructure Block Grants (RIBG)
      -      Sustainable Research Excellence (SRE)
      -      Joint Research Engagement (JRE)
      -      Research Training Scheme (RTS)
      -      Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA)
      -      International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)          

Who do I contact if I have a query on HERDC?
For HERDC income, contact ­Vicky Tzouvaras on ext 58157.
For HERDC publications, contact the UNSW Library Research Reporting Unit on ext 52678.