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About Finance

Finance Organisational Chart

Finance Services

Financial Planning & Analysis

Director: Lynette Petrie

  • Provide organisation-wide financial management strategy 
  • Provide strategic management and commercial support 
  • Student load planning, workforce planning, business case viability guidance 
Treasury, Investments and Insurance

Director: Andrew Fellowes

  • Perform treasury activities
  • Perform insurance activities
  • Manage investments 
Financial Control & Compliance

Director: Catherine Yeung

Financial Control & Compliance - Catherine Yeung
Research & Revenue Accounting - Marie Saparamadu

  • Performs statutory financial reporting
  • Manage policy, financial compliance 
  • Financial process control
  • Provide specialist advice and support including tax
  • Manages financial data integrity
  • Manages tax compliance
  • Research Finance support
Faculty & Divisional Business Partnering

Lead Finance Business Partners:

  • Faculties - Paul Jackson
  • Divisions - Savvas Christou​

Hub Leaders

  • Faculties - Yvonne Balakian
  • Divisions - Denise Miles


  • Provide senior level business and finance advice to faculties and divisions 
  • Oversee all elements of each faculty and division financials
  • Conduct financial modelling and analysis
  • Prepare budgets and forecasts
  • Provide management reports & analysis 
  • Provide transactional finance support
Procure to Pay

Director: William Bailey

Procurement webpage

  • Partner with the business to deliver procurement activity for value >$350k including:
    • ​Phase 1- planning & strategy development
    • Phase 2- approaching the market and evaluation
    • Phase 3- entering into negotiations and recommend suppliers
    • Phase 4-  facilitate contract execution and handover to Accounts Payable
  • Responsible for travel procurement and operations across the University
  • Provide support and advice for activities <$350k
  • Establish competitive panels for staff to access prequalified UNSW suppliers
  • Provide access to prequalified suppliers through Government panel arrangements
  • Provide guidance on negotiations with suppliers <$350k
  • Develop contract management plans
  • Provide trend analytics for spend by category and supplier
  • Identify opportunities for sustainable practises and lead modern slavery supply chain initiatives

Executive Officer: Katja Benninghaus

  • Manage the day to day operational activities of Finance
  • Provide a central point of support for all administrative processes
  • Executive support to the CFO ( 
  • Management of Finance governance deliverables
  • Delivery of operational business planning and process improvement
  • Support workforce management and planning and capability development