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Welcome to oneFinance

The oneFinance team provides specialist skills and financial expertise to faculties and divisions across the University.


Our leaders

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Richard Morton
Chief Financial Officer

Matt Cressman
Deputy Chief Financial Officer


Finance Directors

Finance Services

While each of our six teams have distinct responsibilities, they work closely together to ensure our customers get a seamless service. In other words, no matter who you ask a question of in finance, they will help you.

Finance Service Contacts

Services we offer

Business Management & Planning

Director - Chris Carbert

The team:

  • Manage the day to day operational activities of Finance
  • Provide a central point of support for all administrative processes
  • Support business activities by providing expertise across all professional service functions
  • Delivery of operational business planning and process improvement
  • Support workforce management and planning and capability development
  • Manage customer relations and engagement
  • Build an efficient, customer focused, capable and agile Finance function with a shared strategic direction

Deputy CFO - Matt Cressman

Finance & Strategy Planning
Process & Technology Strategy
Business Partnering
Strategy 2025

  • Provide organisation-wide financial management strategy
  • Provide process and technology strategy and systems support
  • Provide strategic management and commercial support
  • Student load planning, workforce planning, business case viability guidance
  • Provide senior level business finance advice to faculties and divisions

Finance Operations

Director - Michelle O’Connor 

Finance Operations – Includes the Finance Services Teams

The team:

  • Manage accounts payable 
  • Process customer billing
  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Purchases goods & services
  • Processes credit card expenses
  • Processes expense reimbursements
  • Manages travel administration

Group Financial Control

Director - Catherine Yeung

The team:

  • Performs statutory financial reporting
  • Manage policy, financial compliance 
  • Financial process control
  • Provide specialist advice and support including tax
  • Manages financial data integrity
  • Manages tax compliance

Management Reporting and Analysis

Director - Lynette Petrie

The team:

  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare forecasts
  • Perform non-research general accounting
  • Provide management reports & analysis
  • Provide business advice & support

Research Finance

Acting Director - Chris Pratt

The team:

  • Provide advice on grant balances and treatment of any surplus/deficit
  • Prepare calculations to advise on total payroll costs for staff charged to research projects 
  • Ensure timely billing of granting bodies
  • Ensure timely allocation of interest to projects where applicable
  • Preparation of finance reports for submission together with progress reports

Strategy & Implementation

Director - Rob Blumor

The team:

  • Evolution of our Finance Strategies
  • Development of our Strategic Implementation Plans
  • The leadership, management and delivery of our strategic projects, goals and intents
  • The liaison with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that Finance Strategy and Implementation is aligned to the needs, challenges and opportunities of the university

Treasury, Investments and Insurance

Director  - Andrew Fellowes

The team:

  • Perform treasury activities
  • Perform insurance activities
  • Manage investments 

Strategic Procurement

Acting Director - Janet Pursehouse

The team:

  • Offers support and advice regarding the purchasing of goods and services
  • Manages existing and new suppliers, quotes and tenders 
  • Supplier expenditure
  • Contract management 
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Oversees high value/high risk buying processes

Join us on the journey


Join us on the journey (PDF)


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