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Searching for customers


Search for your customer by using the lookup:


There are three ways you can search for your customer.  By customer ID, Customer Name, or their ABN.


If you can't find your customer, you can request a new customer be created by clicking on the Create New link at the bottom of the page.



Create New Customer


From the Customer SetUp screen, scroll down and select Can't Find Customer. Follow the prompts to create a new customer.


2. When a new customer is being processed, the Customer is shown as "NEW" and New Customer Status is "Awaiting Approval".

3. If the request is approved, you will receive an Approval email.

4. The email will include the new Customer ID. This will appear in the invoice request in draft mode.

5. You can go back into an existing draft request and the Customer ID will be auto-populated and you can proceed as normal.

When a new Customer request has been denied, you will receive an email notifying you of this, and the Customer is shown as "DENIED".