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I am a Portfolio Manager, what am I approving?

When you receive a request to approve an expense, as a portfolio manager you are only approving the transactions related to your specific project.  When you first receive an approval request where there are several projects in the one claim, the details of the entire claim display.  However, when you perform the approval it should become clear that you are only approving the transactions for your project

It is your responsibility (as Portfolio Manager) to confirm it is appropriate for these costs to be processed to your project. The HR Supervisor has accountability for all other aspects of the claim approval. 

You should either approve the claim or send it back to the employee (both of these buttons are available to you when viewing the claim).  If no action is taken within 21 days the opportunity for portfolio manager approval is forfeited and the claim will go directly to the HR Supervisor for approval.

If the claimant and the Portfolio Manager are the same person, the portfolio manager step is skipped and the claim will go directly to the HR Supervisor for approval.  The exception message you receive will look like this.

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Approval Flow

As the HR Supervisor, what am I approving?

If there are any project related transactions in the claim, they would already have gone through approval by the Portfolio Manager of the related projects before coming to you.

As the financial approver It is your responsibility is to ensure there are valid receipts attached and the expenditure is not, or not perceived to be, excessive and also meets the principles of necessary, reasonable, appropriate and allowable as outlined in UNSW's Business Expense Principles.

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Approval Flow

How can I check where my expense approval is up to?

Note: you can only check the status of a claim if you have already submitted it.

If you want to check the status of where the approval of your expense claim is up to, go to into the claim in Concur and click on the Details link at the top of the claim and select Approval Flow.


You can then see who the approvers are for your expense claim. The approvers listed under "Cost Object Approval" are for the projects in your claim (these are the portfolio managers of those projects), once they have approved the final approval will go to your manager (the Authorised Approver).

Note: When you open the approval flow for a claim, the Cost Object Approval section will be collapsed. You need to click on the twistie (circled in red in the picture below) to expand the section and see the details of the approvers .

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If that person has approved there will be an approval date, if there is no date then approval has not been performed by that person.

Note: Approval will only go to the Authorised Approver once all the Portfolio Managers have done their approvals. 

What are the Roles of Reviewer and Approver?

In SAP Concur a two-step approval process is used. All project related expenses first go to the Portfolio Manager for review and then to the supervisor of the claimant in the HR/Payroll system. 

  • The Portfolio Manager is responsible for checking the Claim within the context of the particular project.
  • Once Approved by the Portfolio Manager, the Claim then flows to the HR Supervisor for final approval.
  • The HR Supervisor r must have a sufficient level of Financial Delegation to approve the claim. otherwise it will be directed to the next level.
  • The Portfolio Manager and HR Supervisor can be the same person.

Watch this video about reviewing and approving expense claims     video

Claimants  cannot approve their own expense claims, either as a portfolio manager or as an HR Supervisor. The claim will be automatically directed via workflow to the claimant’s HR supervisor for approval.  In the case where a team member has incurred expenses on behalf of their HR supervisor, the supervisor should approve and forward to their direct report for final approval   

Who is my approver?

Your approver is your manager. If your manager doesn't have financial delegation Concur will find the next financial delegate in the unit (i.e., potentially your manager's manager). You have one approver, you cannot change this, unless the person is not your correct line manager. You can check who your approver is in your profile settings.

IF you've used a project in your claim, an approval request will be sent to the portfolio manager of the project used. This person does not have to be a financial delegate. 

If you have selected "not project related" in your expense the claim will go to your manager only.

How can I use the Approve & Forward Function?
  • Available for line manager approvers
  • An approver can insert an additional approval set by selecting Approve and Forward
  • And example of where this might be used is if an employee of yours submits a claim using a non-project chartfield that isn't within your budget. Then you could insert an approver from that budget.


Watch this video for more information on Approving and Forwarding    video

How to send a claim back to the employee

When an approver is reviewing a claim, there is an option to the claim back for modification.  The claimant can then edit the claim and resubmit it.


Can I delegate my Approvals?

If you want to delegate your approvals please contact the Finance Help Desk at

Can the Reviewer and the Approver be the same person?

If the approver is also the portfolio manager of the project id used in the claim then yes, the review and approver can be the same person.

(For all project related expenses a review is required by the portfolio manager of the project).

What happens if an expense is allocated across more than one project?

If an expenses has been allocated across more than one project, the Portfolio Manager of each of the projects used will be asked to review the expense before going to the Supervisor for approval.  You and review the approval steps by clicking on the Details drop down menu and selecting Approval Flow

Can I change my approver?

Your approver in Concur is the person to whom you report, as provided by the HR system (PiMs), if they are a financial delegate.  If your manager is not a financial delegate Concur will look in the hierarchy of your department until it finds one.  You cannot change your approver in Concur, however if this information is incorrect it needs to be rectified at the source.  To do so you should request your line manager update the reporting line in the HR system (which will then reflect in Concur):

What happens when an approver is away?

If you are an approver and are going to be away, you can still perform your approvals.  Concur is accessible from anywhere where you have internet access.

If you are going on leave you can delegate your approvals to another financial delegate by contacting the Finance Help Desk.

However, if a claim is not approved within 21 days Concur will select another financial delegate in your department with sufficient delegation and send the approval request to them.

Approving Cash Advances

The approval of cash advances cannot be delegated, so only the nominated approver can approve cash advances.

Where can I view my past approvals?

To view the history of your past approvals click on the Approvals tab, select Claims and View all previous claims you have approved.

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How do I view receipts when approving?

To view receipts when approving you must go into the claim and click on an expense line to see the details.  Once you click on a line you will see a receipt image tab at the top of the box.

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Comments when approving

When approving the comments box is available for the approver to make any comments - comments made by the enterer will display at the top of the page (above the Expense Type field). 

To view comments made by approvers go to the Details drop down menu and select Comments.


To view comments made by approvers: