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Customer Centric Initiatives

•UNSW spend in excess of $1b per annum on goods & services and has in the region of 7,778 suppliers.

•Procurement manage an addressable spend of $488m* across 2,800 suppliers. (down from $782m in 2018)

•Using the process of stabilise, build and develop, the intent is to create a leading procurement function with internal capability. During 2019 we undertook a number of initiatives that aimed to stablise our existing structure, the services that we provide and build our capability.

•We intend to undertake a process of evolution to rise to the Leader quartile procurement function over the coming 30 months. This is a gradually and embedded process of evolution, as opposed to a transformation exercise.

During 2019 we undertook a number of operational initiatives that delivered the groundwork for the year ahead. These included:

2019 Initiatives

June 2019

•AT Kearney Assessment

•First away day 27th June 2019

•Develop procurement plan

Intend to reassess each year- September 2020 next assessment

July 2019

•Assess our capability

•Establish Relationship with Supply Nation

•Procurement strategy Pillars

Improved from Jun –Sept 2019

Increase spend with indigenous supply chain 3% target

August 2019

•Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)

•Received CIPS Ethical Corporate Award

•Corporate Membership

•Ethical award

September 2019

•Second away Day 27th September

•Modern Slavery kick off 

•Introducing Procurement ops

•Part of the Modern Slavery initiative

October 2019

•Indigenous Business Month

•Support and Present at Indigenous Business Month

November 2019

•Hit target of cumulative benefits of $29.80 from 2017

•New contract templates for Tech, Corp

New benefits methodology cost reduction, avoidance value add

New legal agreements

December 2019

•EY to train whole team on Category Management

Full day classroom training

For 2020 our roadmap has been set. There may be additional items added and we are committed to our year of Building with the view to continue to uplift our capability, deliver excellence in service and ensure that enablers are practical, valuable and resourceful. 

AT Kearny - Procurement Benchmark