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How Delegates work in Concur

Delegation is when you give another person the authorisation to do work on your behalf.  You can set up delegation in Concur via your Profile Settings.

There are 5 scenarios when you might want to delegate to another person:

  1. Delegation to Prepare Expenses (this is when someone can view and enter expenses but not submit a claim)
  2. Delegation to Prepare and Submit Claims (after entering the expenses the delegate has the authority to submit the claim)
  3. Delegation to View Receipts of unsubmitted Claims.
  4. An Approver (Portfolio Manager or Supervisor) delegates Previewing of a claim before it comes to them for approval (prior to Concur, this was known as the Reviewer role).
  5. A Supervisor (one up approver in the HR system with financial delegation) would like to Delegate their Approval to another Approver (via the Finance HelpDesk). 

Delegation Guidelines

  • The first three scenarios can be set up within Concur (Profile Settings) and the last two require a request to the Finance Help Desk and will be applied if the request meets agreed guidelines,
  • For Delegate type  5, contact the Finance Help Desk ( for assistance
  • Once delegation has been set up, the person "acting for" logs into Concur as themselves and then switches their Account in Profile Settings to indicate who they are acting for.
  • The delegate can view all expenses, receipts and claims. They can see other screens according to their level of delegation.
  • You can set up multiple delegates at once. For example, you could set up two delegates to view and enter expenses for you, another to view and submit claims, and a third to conduct first-level approval.

You decide what access to give your delegates.


Assigning a Delegate

You can assign a delegate to work on your behalf.

Watch this video for more information about assigning delegates    video

To set up a delegate to reconcile your credit card for you (or to submit your out of pocket expenses for you), log into the desktop, go to your profile settings and select Expense Delegates.  Add that person by clicking on Add, selecting them and ticking the Can Prepare, Can Submit Claims and Can View Receipts checkboxes (and Save).  That person now has access to reconcile your credit card transactions and submit expense claims on your behalf.

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Working as a Delegate
  • Other people can nominate you to act on their behalf as a delegate. 
  • Watch this video for more information about acting as a delegate.    video
  • It's also possible to conduct approvals as a delegate, if you have financial delegation. However, this needs to be set up by the Finance HelpDesk.
  • The following video contains more information about acting as an approval delegate.    video
Apply for Financial Delegation

Log into myUNSW, go to your Staff Profile and apply for Financial Delegation.

Approving Cash Advances

The approval of cash advances cannot be delegated, so if you are a delegate for an approver you will not be able to approve cash advances. If you are working as a delegate for someone who is away please contact the Finance Help Desk for assistance. email or call +61 3 6385 3330