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EMS Training Toolkit

Expenses & Credit Card
Desktop Mobile Topic
video video

Using ExpenseIt to Capture a Receipt and Create a Claim (recommended).

Desktop video is 1st video in Credit Card series.

guide   Ways of Working with Receipts in Concur
video video Creating a New Expense claim
video video How to Capture a Receipt if not using ExpenseIt
video   How to Attach a Receipt if not using ExpenseIt
video   How to Create a Missing Receipt Declaration
video video Allocating Expenses
video video Itemizing Expenses
video video Working with Attendees
video video

Converting Foreign Currency Expenses

video   Copying an Expense
video video Entering Personal Car Mileage
video   Itemising Accommodation Expenses

Credit Card Video 2: Matching Credit Card Transactions


Credit Card Video 3: Locating Missing Transactions and Expenses


Desktop Mobile Topic
video video Reviewing and Approving an Expense Claim
video   Approve and Forward to an Additional Approver
video video Sending Back an Expense Claim
video video Correcting and Resubmitting an Expense Claim

Acting as an Approver Delegate for Credit Card Claims

video Assigning Delegates
video Assigning Previewers and Delegates
video Acting as a Delegate for Credit Card Claims
video Acting as a Previewer for Credit Card Claims
video Creating Cash Advances (Desktop)
video Understanding Expense Types
guide Complete list of Expense Types & GL Codes
video Frequently Asked Questions
guide  Concur Mobile App Feature List