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Recordings of previous webinars...


  • There are several quick videos available on Views posted here.  Topics include Creating a Calculated Member and Tips for doing on-screen analysis

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Webinar 31: Monthly Work In Progress (WIP) Category - How does it work?

Let's talk about how the Monthly Work In Progress category in the People Planning Tool and Staff Cube works, and also the new category available called Quarterly Forecast Pending






Demo 1: Tour of Calumo for new Entity Users

In this demonstration we cover the essentials for new entity users of Calumo, we also take a tour of the Financial Reporting Suite and then cover some views in the GL Cube.



Webinar 32: GL Cube Refresher

We go through what will be different in the new GL cube and include some reminder items and tips.

Copy of presentation materials used



Webinar 30: Getting to Purchasing information

Do you need to analyse purchase orders?  There are a choice of primary reports depending on what you're looking for.  We choose the top 3 and go through the benefits and differences of each to help you to advise your customers on the best report to use for their requirements.

  • Live to Date activity report
  • Approval Report
  • Transaction listing 



Webinar 29: How to build a view in the Staff Cube

In this webinar we demonstrate how to build a view in the Staff Cube.  This is important to know if you wish to see staff pay details as the GL Cube will no longer have a payroll drill. 


Webinar 28: How Financial Delegation Works 

What is Financial Delegation - who can apply to be a delegate, who can sponsor a delegate, how does it work?  As a Finance Department staff member it's important to know how financial delegation works so that you can talk to your customers about it in a knowledgable way.  Chances are the subject will come up if there are new staff who want to be delegates, or if someone who is applying for delegation has a problem.

Copy of the presentation materials used in the session.



Webinar 27: GL Cube - Native GL Drill 

This webinar demonstrates the new GL Cube's native GL drill, and ways you can manipulate the data on your screen by sorting, filtering and totalling columns without having to download to Excel.  This is useful when you are doing quick data analysis, using pivot like functions or looking to narrow down something specific. 




Webinar 26 - Customer Invoice Request Dashboard 

Series of webinars is being run about the Customer Invoice Request Dashboard



WEBINAR 25: Prepaid Expenses Process (for MR&A)

Training for the new Prepaid Expenses process effective August month end. 

Click here for a copy of the training materials used
Click here to see the video on how to use the copy journal feature


WEBINAR 24: Understanding Payroll Allocations (formerly known as FSD9/10)

Take a tour of the Payroll Allocations handbook


Webinar 23: How to build, save and share a basic view in Calumo (for novices) 

Are you new to using views in Calumo?  Let us show you how to choose a template view that you can manipulate to your unique needs.  We also cover saving views and different ways to share them. 


WEBINAR 22: New Report in the Financial Reporting Suite (Purchasing Life To Date Report)

Have a look at the new Purchasing report available for our customers who use the Financial Reporting Suite.


WEBINAR 21: Customer Invoice Request Dashboard

A tour of the Customer Invoice Request Dashboard, from both a customer as well as a FST perspective.


WEBINAR 20: Accounting Treatment for COVID Purchased Leave

Find out about the accounting treatment for COVID purchased leave and how it differs from normal purchased leave.


WEBINAR 19: Data Cookbook

Did you know UNSW has a data dictionary?  It's called the Data Cookbook.  We've started adding Finance Definitions to the cookbook as it serves us well to have clear definitions when so many terms are open to interpretation.  In particular we're adding reporting and data item definitions.  What is an Account?  What is the General Ledger?  What is Revenue?  Let us show you the Finance related definitions in the Data Cookbook. 

Guest: Kate Carruthers, Chief Data & Insights Officer, UNSW Planning & Performance


WEBINAR 18: Finance 101

This webinar covers the Finance 101 handbook, a guide to the services Finance provides for non-Finance staff.  Link to the Handbook.


WEBINAR: Intro to PO Activity Life to Date report (replaces PO1)

Nang Thwin and Jeanne Zhu take you on a tour of the PO Activity Life to Date report that is now available to replace the old PO1 report.  How to get access is also explained.


web_button_pdf.png    Copy of the presentation materials


WEBINAR 17: Mobile Approval for purchases

Mobile approval for Purchasing is here! Our customers have told us they need to approve purchases on the fly and we've responded. There are times when orders have required approval while our customers have been unable to get to their desktop. While travelling, attending business off campus, at the airport, on assignment in the middle of nowhere ... now approvals for purchase orders can be done on mobile devices from anywhere! (Provided there is Wi Fi of course).


WEBINAR 16: A tour of the Packages data items in the Staff Cube

Here we go through the Packages Data Items in the Staff Cube.


WEBINAR 15: Let's look at the PURCHASE ORDER data items in the Purchasing Cube

Here we go through the Purchase Order Data Items in the Purchasing Cube.


WEBINAR 14: Let's look at the PROJECT data items in the GL Cube

Here we go through the Project Data Items in the GL Cube that we didn't manage to cover in Webinar 11.


WEBINAR 13: A Tour of the Data Items - Staff Cube (Leave items)

Let's have a look at the leave data items in the Staff Cube 


WEBINAR 12: A Tour of the Data Items - Staff Cube (Payroll)

Let's have a look at the data items in the Staff Cube 


WEBINAR 11: A Tour of the Data Items - GL Cube

Let's have a look at the data items in the GL Cube


WEBINAR 10: A Tour of the Credit Card Dashboard

Phase 1 of a new dashboard is available - come take a tour ....


WEBINAR 9: A Tour of the new GL Cube

The new GL Cube is being rolled out - come take a tour ....


WEBINAR 8: Making the most of Excel (continued). 

With the P1 to P4 (Excel based) reports being decommissioned soon we thought we'd share some tips on making the most of Excel with your Calumo reports.  Covers working with views to put into Excel and then publish as a Private Report.  With tips throughout.



WEBINAR 7: Making the most of Excel. 

With the P1 to P4 (Excel based) reports being decommissioned soon we thought we'd share some tips on making the most of Excel with your Calumo reports.

Adnan Zaheer joins us to take us on a tour of the new Concur dashboard. We will follow up with another webinar once the dashboard is live.

To skip the Concur dashboard tour and get right to Excel go to 20:00


WEBINAR 6:  Project Financials. 

Each month Portfolio Managers receive a link back to the Project Financials suite of reports where we invite them to view the financials for their portfolio of projects.  Of course they can access their reports anytime they want, and more and more they are doing so.  There are two ways to view the reports, one for our customers which is a simplified version of Calumo, the second way is by logging into Calumo and accessing the reports from the APPS menu.  This provides additional views and reports (primarily for support staff) in order to do troubleshooting. 


WEBINAR 5: The Financial Reporting Suite of reports is being refreshed. 

The introduction is by Sharon Port, Associate Director of Finance Process & Technology Strategy who talks about the purpose of the suite of report.  There is also a testimonial by Usha Ramchandani, the Finance Business Partner for the Faculty of Art & Design who shares her experience with the refreshed reports and how she uses, and her customers, use them.  This is followed by a tour of the suite of reports. 


WEBINAR 4: Understanding cubes and source systems. 

On this webinar we talk about what's been happening with the cube restructure.  Also covered is what the source systems are and what the impact of the cube restructure will mean for them.  Why it's necessary, what the cubes look like today and what they will look like in the future.  The opening is done by Sue Goldman, Manager MIS, Finance Process & Technology Strategy who speaks about the cubes and introduces her team.


WEBINAR 3: Working with Views. 

Anna Polykarpou, Finance Business Partner for the Faculty of Law and Tony Gardner, Manager, Group Research Finance join us on this webinar to share their respective experiences with working with views.


WEBINAR 2: Tips, Tricks & Techniques. 

A discussion around how access works followed by Tips, Tricks & Techniques.  Reports vs views, report parameters, working with entities, the member explorer, filtering, totalling and manipulating data in native drills and accessing source data.