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Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management is the subject matter expert in the area of financial risk and control and is part of Corporate Finance and Advisory Services. Our objective is to assist you and support you to proactively identify, assess, and report and action the control weaknesses in finance processes, this in turn supports the University in the development and maintenance of sound internal controls to manage financial risks

UNSW Accounting Framework and Enterprise Risk management Framework guide Financial Risk Management across the University. Each staff contributing to the Finance process has a role to play in managing the Financial Risk. Relevant documents, tools and contact to manage the financial risk are given below:

     1.  Accounting Framework

     2.  Risk Management

               a. Enterprise Risk Management

               b. Financial Risk Management

               c. Fraud and Corruption

     3.  Tools and templates

     4.  Frequently asked questions


For all your risk related queries please contact: Wesley Maljaars at x51729 or  

Finance also has a team of Financial Risk and Control Champions responsible for identifying, assessing, creating and maintaining a risk register for their respective finance area. A full list of the Risk and Control Champions can be found here.