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Fringe benefits - entertainment and travel

Entertainment  fringe benefits tax (FBT) is payable generally for the following:

Employee social functions:

  • For associates of employees including relatives consuming food or drink on or off UNSW premises
  • Employees consuming food or drink off UNSW premises for business lunches or dinners 
  • Food or drink consumed overseas by employees and associates which is not business related, i.e. for social purposes
  • Taxi or other travel in relation to the above entertainment categories.

For entertainment FBT is generally not payable for the following:

  • Employee non social functions
  • Where considered sustenance
  • Clients consuming food or drink
  • Students consuming food or drink
  • Employee food or drink while travelling on business or incidental to their attending seminars, conferences, CPD sessions or similar events.

Travel diaries are required to be completed for all employee travel where away from home for more than five nights. This is an Australian Tax Office requirement to support the exemption from FBT.

For more information on FBT please click here.  Also check your funding contract as this may have specific rules around meals and entertainment.

If you have more inquiries please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call extension 53330.