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Concur / Travel FAQs

City of Purchase when paying for Travel

When paying for travel such as airfare and accommodation, ensure you choose your destination city in the "City of Purchase" field. For example, if you are in Sydney and you buy an airfare to Chicago, you need to choose Chicago as your City of Purchase.

Supporting Documentation

When claiming travel related expenses such as Airfare, Conferences or Accommodation - please attach your pre-trip approval (or other evidence of approval) to your claim (this is an audit requirement).

Travelling / Not Travelling

When you use certain expense types, Concur will ask you if you (or your attendees) were travelling or not travelling.  Based on who you say attended, ant whether or not they were travelling or not travelling, Concur can provide enough information to calculate FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax).

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The University defines travelling as being more than 100 km's away from your normal place of work, less than that is not travelling.

Travel Allowance / Per DIem

A travel allowance (or per diem) is a set daily amount you can spend while you are away travelling.  You need to apply in My Travel for a travel allowance/per diem (the amount per day will depend on the city you are travelling to - a calculator is provided).

Once your travel allowance/per diem has been approved you can claim payment of the allowance in Concur by creating an expense claim (not a cash advance) and and using one of the 3 expense types provided under the Travel category.  Receipts are not required to be provided, when you make the claim please attach the approval as supporting documentation.  This is usually in the form of My Travels Pre Trip Approval (pdf created in the Pre Trip Approval process and emailed to you) or the TR2 Form.  Your travel itinerary is included in the Pre Trip Approval so if you have not used My Travel to apply for your allowance you will need to attach your itinerary in Concur as well.

When entering the allowance into Concur, do not use a future date (Concur will not allow future dated entries).  Use the date you travelled in the past or todays date if you haven't travelled yet.

Supporting documentation required:

Travel booked via myTravel:

Travel Booked outside myTravel:

  1. Pre Trip Approval from myTravel (ensure all the attachments in the PTA are included)

  1. TR2 Form

  2. Travel Itinerary

  3. Travel Diary *

* A Travel diary is required for trips of five or more consecutive days, if you've used My Travel this will be included in your Pre Trip Approval.

Refer to video. icon_video.png

Travel / Cash Advance

A travel (or cash) advance is a pre-approved amount of money paid to you before you travel. Usually because you don't have a corporate credit card or your travel destination doesn't use credit cards.

Once your advance has been approved (if travelling this is done in My Travel) you can enter the advance into Concur as a Cash Advance expense type. This will pay you the approved amount and create a liability against you in Concur, for which you are expected to provide receipts. To do this, select + Cash Advance. To view the status of your cash advances, select Cash Advance in the Concur Task Bar (see below). When you are ready to acquit the cash advance, select Start a Claim. Before you acquit the Cash Advance within Concur, you must pay back any unspent funds. Follow the process outlined below.

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For example, if you receive $1,000, you need to enter your expenses against that advance and provide receipts. If you spend $800 of the advance you will need to return the balance ($200) using the UNSW Online Payments webpage, and then record this within Concur. If you spent $1,200 you can claim the additional $200 using a normal expense claim. In summary, the process is as follows:

1. Create and submit a Cash Advance Claim using + Cash Advance as shown above. Wait for the claim to be approved and appear in your "Cash Advances" section. For further information, refer to the video. icon_video.png

2. Create expenses (using ExpenseIt) in the usual way. Alternatively, you can upload your receipts to Concur.

3. Add up your receipts in Australian dollars, and minus this amount from your Cash Advance, to identify how much you need to pay back.

4. Pay back the unspent funds to the UNSW Online Payments link and save your receipt to attach to your Claim.

5. Create a new Claim and assign cash advance to Claim.

When you create a new claim after receiving a Cash Advance, you will see a Cash Advance pop-up box. Select the correct cash advance and select "Assign Cash Advance to Claim" to assign the Cash Advance to the Claim.  

create_new_expense_ca.pngassign.png6. Add expenses to the Claim.

To add expenses to the claim, you can select an expense in the usual way, either select an expense from your "Available Expenses"  library (from Expenseit) or select + New Expense and then Attach Receipt to upload receipts.

7. When acquiting the advance, use the Expense Type relevant to the transaction. If you bought a meal then enter the claim for meals. 

8. Continue adding your expenses (or expense types) until your cash advance is used up. You can review the amount left by selecting "Cash Advances" in the Task Bar.

9. If you have an unspent balance left over (that you do not intend to spend) please use the Cash Advance Return Expense Type.

10. Attach your online payment receipt to the Cash Advance Return expense.

11. When you submit your claim, the "Outstanding Advance" amount should be nil. 

Note:  For non-travel related cash advances, while there is no form, you need to provide any supporting documentation that supports the purpose of the cash advance and gives enough information to the approver to allow them to approve the request. It could be some supporting emails or justify the reason in “Purpose” field.

Review the Reconcile a Cash Advance video for more information. icon_video.png


Project details for Cash Advances

Cash Advances are charged to your default chartfield (find out what that is in your Profile Settings under Expense under Expense Information - when you acquit the advance (see above) it is charged to the project id provided in the Purpose field when you applied for it.

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Repaying Unspent Cash Advance balances

If you don't spend the entire cash advance please repay the balance here.  Just follow the instructions and use the reference "unspent cash advance". 

What if I've spent more than my cash advance?

If you've spent more than your cash advance you can make an expense claim in the normal way for reimbursement.

Please ensure that you DO NOT do your cash advance acquittal and request for reimbursement in the same claim.  Do your acquittal in one claim, and your request for reimbursement for your additional expenses in a separate claim. 

Find out about travel on the My Travel page