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Reminder: Update on SAP Concur Mobile App Deprecation Policy 281955_hand_with_mobile_r_neg.png

SAP® Concur® will be implementing a deprecation policy for the SAP® Concur® mobile app to provide greater security for SAP Concur and our customers as well as additional resources for innovation in the future.

Planned for late April 2020 mobile release, we will start maintaining mobile app access and security for only the current version and previous six versions (total of seven versions) at any given time.

This means that a user will be logged out automatically if the user hasn’t updated the SAP Concur mobile app over the course of seven updates (typically seven months) and is using the eighth most recent version. The user will be able to log back in and resume normal usage as soon as they update the SAP Concur mobile app.

Action: Start by reviewing our full FAQ here

You may want to view which users are on a version of the mobile app that will be impacted. Instructions on how to download a report are in the FAQ.

If your organisation manages mobile devices for your users, we recommend working with your IT department to ensure users do not lose access to the SAP Concur mobile app.

Know that the vast majority of users update their app frequently and will not be impacted by this change in policy.

For questions regarding this change, please review the FAQ or contact SAP Concur Support or your account team.

Thank you.

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