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Getting Started

guide   SAP Concur Training Handbook

web_button_pdf.png  Employee Reimbursable Expenses Quick Reference Guide

web_button_pdf.png  Credit Card Reconciliation Quick Reference Guide

guide    SAP Concur Getting Started Guide (Desktop)

guide    SAP Concur User Guide (Mobile)  


  • Logging in

    Need Help? Please contact your local Finance Service Team Representative or the finance helpdesk via e-mail at or via Telephone on 02 9385 3330 (Ext 53330)

    Watch this video for more information about the Concur Home page    video

    What is Concur?

    Concur is UNSW's Expense Mangement System, used for:

    • Capturing receipts and starting an Expense
    • Preparing and submitting Claims
    • Approving and rejecting Claims
    • Delegating work to others so they can prepare and submit Claims on your behalf
    • Working as a delegate (on behalf of someone else) to prepare and submit Claims
    • Refer to the Getting Started Guide for full details.
    Clear your cache

    If you are experiencing issues logging on via your desktop please clear your web-browser cache.  Instructions for clearing your cache can be found below:

    Verify your email address

    When you are new to Concur it's important that you update your profile.  It is particularly important to update both your University email addresses (your as well as the email address in the UNSW address book


    Watch this video for more information    video

    Bank Account Details

    Before Concur can pay you, you will need to provide your bank account details. You do this by logging into the desktop and going to your profile settings.  If you only use a University Credit Card and will never claim a reimbursable expense you are not required to provide your bank account details.

    Once you've provided your account details Concur will perform a penny check before authorising your account (by depositing 0.05c into the account you specified).  Please note the penny check could take a few hours to complete before Concur can authorise your bank account.  You may keep the 0.05c.

    When asked to provide your address details we recommend you put Sydney, NSW, 2000 as these are mandatory fields, but not required.


  • Concur mobile app

    If you want to use the mobile app please log into the desktop and register.  You'll find the registration under your profile settings.

    Watch this video for more information.    video

    For assistance in using the mobile app, refer to the SAP Concur User Guide (Mobile).

    Capturing receipts
    • Log into Concur on your desktop/laptop
    • Navigate to Profile Settings
    • Select Concur Mobile Registration. You will need your zID email address.
    • Once completed, navigate to the Concur Mobile App
    • Select ExpenseIt from the menu bar
    • Photograph your receipt
    • Follow the instructions
    • Locate your receipt on deskop/laptop Concur in "Available Expenses" to finalise and submit your Claim.

    Watch this video for more information    video

    Your approver

    Login into Concur, click on Profile and then on Profile Settings.  Select Expense Approvers and your default approvers will be displayed.


    If the approver listed is not your manager, this is most likely because your manager is not a financial delegate.  Concur will look in your department and select the first financial delegate in your department hierarchy (this may be your managers manager).  Concur will do a similar thing if you submit a claim that is more than your approvers delegation, it will look in your department hierarchy for a financial delegate who has the appropriate delegation.

    Link Concur to Uber
    1. Open the Uber app and navigate to Payment via the menu on the top left.
    2. Select Ride for business then Next.


    3. You are now in the Business profile section, input the UNSW email address you have verified within Concur and select Next.

    uber.png4. You will need to input the payment method you would like to use with Concur. N.B. It can’t be the same as the payment method you use with your personal Uber profile.

    5. Select the option to get your travel reports (weekly or monthly).

    6. Select the expense provider Concur and select Complete then Done.


    7. Open the verification email you receive from Uber in your UNSW email address and verify this email address.

    8. When requesting a ride, use your Business profile. Your ride receipts will automatically be sent to Concur.


    Getting Started Guide incl Credit Card

    Download the Getting Started Guide (incl Credit Card) here.


  • Can't View Receipt Images

    If you can't view receipt images, you may be using an outdated browser or operating system on your PC.

    Please refer to the specifications below and you may need to update your browser.


    Can't Verify

    Can't verify your emails or mobile app and there's no functionality to create claims or capture receipts?  Your default approver has expired.  Please contact the service desk and ask that they have your profile updated to reflect an active approver.

    Approver incorrect

    My default approver is not my manager, it's my managers manager?  This means your manager does not have the authority to approve, so the system has selected the "one up" approver of your manager.


  • Nothing happens

    Do you log in and nothing happens?  This generally means you have not been assigned a default approver.  Please contact the service desk and request that they update your profile with an approver.

    Cost Object

    Cost Object Warning Messages

    These messages are warnings only, they will not stop you from continuing with your claim or approval.

    exclamation.png Code: COW, Level: 2147483647; One or more Cost objects could not be approved by the right authority (Expense Management System (PS49607+OP001+FIN001)).  The expense claim has been moved to the next workflow step.

    exclamation.pngCode: CONOAPPR, Level: 2147483647; No approvers were found for cost project Not Project Related (NA).

    If you are a portfolio manager who is making a claim against your own project you will receive the first message.  It is informational only and does not prevent you from continuing.  It's purpose is to inform your approver that the project review step for that project has been skipped.

    If you have made such a claim and there is an expense within the claim that is not project related you will also receive the second message.  You can ignore this message and continue.