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Good news for UNSW staff - new online forms to support transactional activities goes live

Finance now has some new, easy to use, online forms available.

These online forms will greatly improve transactional activities for UNSW staff.



The new online forms can be used to submit expense claims and/or credit card receipts and can be accessed across all devices including mobile.

  • For example, on your mobile you can take a photo of your receipt and submit it wherever you are.

Other services are coming soon. 

Of course those who still want to enter their expenses or credit card receipts in NS Financials can continue to do so.

You can also use the General Enquiry form to request any other Finance related service such as purchase orders.

Check out the new forms and bookmark this link (Access is also available via

To add the UNSW services icon to your mobile see these instructions.


Click here to view the guidance materials.  (Things you should know about if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).