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Jaggaer CIM and NS Financials Integration is coming soon


What it means to you?

The integration will remove the duplication of tasks such as Create Requisition, Receive Goods, etc. that currently need to be done in both Jaggaer CIM and the UNSW Finance System (NSF).

You will only need to create the Requisition in Jaggaer CIM.  Then once your Requisition is approved in Jaggaer CIM, the information will be sent automatically to NSF. NSF will then generate the Purchase Order (PO) automatically. The PO will continue to be approved in NSF.

Goods Receipts entered in Jaggaer CIM, will automatically be sent to NSF. 

You will no longer need to link the PO to the Requisition manually. The integration will take care of this process for you.

All you need to do is ensure you raise the Requisition or Receive Goods in Jaggaer CIM, the Purchase Order and Goods Receipt processes will be done for you automatically in NSF.

For further information please contact: