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New Website

The Finance Website has a brand new look. We have moved to a new platform (Drupal) which has allowed a fresh modern design which aims to make finding what you need simple and easy.

We are having a “soft launch” which means that the new site will be available but we will listening to feedback and fine tuning prior to a full launch next week.

The site does look very different but everything you need is still there so we prepared a video to help you navigate through the site and where the top items such as logging into systems, travel and forms are located.

If you have bookmarks it is also a good time to refresh them so you don’t get sent to the old pages.

This has been a major project and we are grateful to all the help from the Central Web Unit and while we have involved customers on our journey we would love to hear about your experience the good as well as constructive criticism. 

You can contact me at