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Ship to Location Code Changes

Improvements to Ship to Location codes in NS Financials will be implemented on 31 October 2016, resulting in some key changes.

All users will be emailed to advise that these will now be sourced from Archibus – UNSW’s Facilities Management system – and the numbering convention code is now Building Number, Level/Room Number e.g.  Ship to code C22246 is C22 = Building ID and 246 = room number.

The changes will improve coding and eliminate lost deliveries, while Archibus is considered the only reliable source of space locations across campuses.  Now when a new building is occupied or changes to space occurs, the Ship to Locations will be updated automatically.

These changes also mean that users will not be required to ask Finance to set up a new Ship to Location Code, creating greater speed and efficiency of process. 

Users simply need to look up their new code and verify this is correct, this video shows you how. If the code is incorrect email Finance Helpdesk and they will update.

For further help call Finance Helpdesk on X53330.