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Number of Days Worked

Why do the 'Number of Days Worked' need to be shown on Invoices?

In order for UNSW to apply the ongoing payroll tax exemption, UNSW needs to record the 'Number of Days' a Contractor or Consultant works. To do this, UNSW now requires all contractors and consultants to record the number of days that they have worked on their invoices (for the period of that invoice).
The Accounts Payable and HR Payment systems now have a 'Payroll Tax Days' field, which will be used to record the numbers of days worked when paying each invoice. The UNSW Tax Team will, on a monthly basis total the number of days worked during the financial year (ie 1 July to 30 June) and when 90 days has been reached, Payroll Tax will be remitted as required.
What will happen if the number of days is not provided?
If the number of days is not provided on an invoice, a default number of days will be used in applying the Ongoing Payroll Tax Exemption. The default number of days per invoice is 40 days.
Management Reporting
The number of days field will also be required for any payments made to Recruitment/Employment Agencies (ie those vendors classified as 'Recruitmnt'). This information will then be included as people costs for management reporting purposes.