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Pre-final documentation funding

On confirmation of a research funding award the Sponsor approved commencement date may be some time in the future. In order to prepare for research to commence on the approved date some pre final documentation expenditure maybe required - such as setting up work spaces, buying equipment and commencing recruitment processes for staff.  Expenditure before the final documentation has two forms.

Seed backing: These are monies that do not need to be paid back on receipt of your grant funding and applies only to UNSW specific research (not collaborative with other universities or research bodies).  The idea of seed funding is to help get the project off the ground sooner rather than later.

Overdraft/Pool funding:  This is short term funding which must be paid back when the grant funds comes in.  An account is set up for your research project which essentially goes into deficit and once money is available this is cleared. Essentially UNSW bears the risk of the overdraft over this time. This is subject to sponsor rules.

For further information please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call extension 53330.