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Project Financials

Managing your financials

Project financials reports are available outlining your portfolio of projects and the funds available to spend.  The expenditure committed is updated daily and further detailed information is available by clicking on any number in the report.

You can access your financials at any time by selecting the My Finance tab in MyUNSW or by bookmarking this link.  You will also receive a monthly reminder email.

Your project codes and department details for processing expenditure to are available by clicking on the project description of your project financials.

Further information on managing your financials is available here.

  • Budget Remaining

    To ensure an accurate reflection of budget remaining, the following should be considered:

    • Where there is a gap between ordering items and the invoice being received it is particularly important to request a purchase order before you receive the invoice.  A purchase order reduces the budget left to spend in your financials
    • If a purchase order does not exist, the budget left to spend will be overstated, impacting the CI's ability to make informed decisions on future spend.
    • Only reconciled credit card expenses with the project code recorded reduce the budget left to spend.  These should therefore be reconciled monthly and can also be reconciled progressively during the month.  
    • Only submitted and approved time sheets for casual employees reduce the budget left to spend.  An alternative option for reducing the budget for casuals is to record the end date in the HR system (encumbrance/commitment).
    • Employee expense reimbursement items will only reduce the budget once they are submitted for approval


    Is your report blank?

    Please check the filters in the top banner of the report and set all fields to the right of the Portfolio field to “All” (by double clicking, entering “All” in the search field and clicking on ‘okay”)  

    Background and Feedback

    The Project Financials were developed based on feedback provided by academics asking for intuitive and regularly available information on their project budgets – the financials are intended to enhance the ability to manage the finances of your projects. Project financials are available for research and non-research projects.

    If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement please contact us at we aim to regularly introduce updates to the financials based on feedback provided. We can also arrange information and training sessions on a request basis.

  • Missing Projects?

    If there are any projects missing in your portfolio, or you have any questions on the report, please contact your Business Insights or Research Finance team members.   You can look them up here

    Access for others

    If you require others to review your financials please provide your approval using this form for your authorised nominees

    Noting this approval will provide access to the confidential payroll information for the people costs of your projects.

    Guidance Materials

    Please click here to view the guidance materials for the Project Financials suite of reports.


Go to the Reporting Page for information on Calumo and financial reporting.