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Research Financial Management Reporting

Each month Chief Investigators (CIs) will be provided with a monthly report/statement which they should understand to ensure research projects stay within budget and on track. This monthly report will have the following characteristics:

  • Present overall project consolidated view (e.g. total project funds available)
  • Track the project's funding sources (external/internal) and note any specific reporting requirements from each source
  • Expenses and commitments split by major cost category level (e.g. staff, materials, consumables, travel and equipment)

Portfolio reporting which consolidates multiple research projects is available from Calumo.


These are common questions on financial reporting for research projects: 

  • What funds were rolled over from prior years?
  • How am I tracking in comparison to my budget?
  • What are the transactions for my current month?
  • What have I spent and committed to this month, this year, or over the life of the project?
  • What is my remaining budget - this year and life of project?
  • What are the different funding sources which make up my budget?

Note that information to support reporting is required on a monthly basis or where possible fortnightly.  See Financial Reports for further understanding.

For help contact Finance Helpdesk on or call extension 53330.