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Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management is the subject matter expert in the area of financial risk and control and is part of Corporate Finance and... Read more

Accounting Framework

The Accounting Framework forms part of UNSW Finance’s commitment to fulfilling its role as a partner in delivering on the UNSW Strategic... Read more

Risk Management

As a leading global university, UNSW operates in a dynamic and complex environment that introduces a wide range of risks that may impact... Read more

Credit Cards

Do you need to buy goods and services on behalf of UNSW? Do you need to travel for work? Your UNSW credit card is an easy way to pay for... Read more

Closing Research Funds

On the completion of a research project there are procedures that both the Chief Investigator (CI) and Research Finances Services (RFS... Read more

Unspent Funds

ARC has listed (see table below) possible reasons for carryover of funds from one year to another. More than one ‘Unspent Reason’ may be... Read more