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Asset Management

The management of assets within the University is supported by the Asset Management Team within Corporate Finance and Advisory Services.
The Asset Management Team is located in room 225 on the second level of the Chancellery building, Kensington Campus

Key responsibilities

Our team provides specialist support to Faculties and Divisions in the following areas:  

  • Acquisition of new Assets
  • Acquisition of equipment to upgrade/enhance existing assets (BUILT-INS)
  • Disposal of Assets
  • Receipting of purchase orders in relation to asset acquisitions
  • Issuance of UNSW asset tags
  • Ad-hoc queries on the management and safe keeping of assets
  • Stocktake process - the annual physical inventory of UNSW assets
  • Impairment process - the annual review of the fair value of UNSW assets

Team members

Our Asset specialist is Francine Porto Gomes, Senior Asset Administrator, Tel: 9385 3865
Please forward all queries to our shared Asset mailbox