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Financial Delegation

A Financial Delegation is the authority to approve expenditures or enter into financial commitments on behalf of UNSW. The Financial Delegation amounts are GST exclusive.

  • Approvers of Financial Delegation will default to the individuals line manager (nominator) and one up manager (endorser).
  • Once approved and you have become a Financial Delegate you will receive workflow notifications (emails) when a transaction is submitted for approval.  Follow the instructions in the email.  If you need more information please see the approvals section in this handbook.





Notifications (email) will be sent when:

  • You are required to approve a transactions
  • A notification will be sent to the owner or the transaction when you perform an approval
  • Reminder notifications will also periodically go out when a transaction has not been approved
  • If a Financial Delegate changes roles they will receive a notification to reapply for delegation for their new role
  • If an individual you have nominated has left the University and their delegation remains active you will receive a notification

(Similarly to approvals, notifications will also be sent if a transaction is denied)

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