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Financial Delegation

A Financial Delegation is the authority to approve expenditures or enter into financial commitments on behalf of UNSW. The Financial Delegation amounts are GST exclusive.

For more information please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call extension 53330.

  • Who approves

    Transactions where you are selected as the Financial Approver will come to you for approval.  These can be expense claims, credit card transactions, purchase orders or general ledger journals.


    Performing approval

    You will receive a workflow notification (email) when a transaction is submitted to you for approval.  Follow the instructions in the email.  If you need more information please see the approvals section in this handbook.

  • Notifications

    Notifications (email) will be sent when:

    • You are required to approve a transactions
    • A notification will be sent to the owner or the transaction when you perform an approval
    • Reminder notifications will also periodically go out when a transaction has not been approved

    (Similarly to approvals, notifications will also be sent if a transaction is denied)

    What if you're away?

    If you are away, enterers of transactions can select alternative approvers.  In the first instance the approver of a transaction will select the owners default approver (this is usually their line manager).  If they wish to select a different approver they can look them up by clicking on the lookup icon.  A list of suggested approvers will display (these will be people within your area who are financial delegates).  However, by clicking on search for another approver, the user can select any financial delegate if they need to do so.