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The University’s Aircraft Hull and Aviation Liability policy provides insurance for the University’s aircraft assets.

Please note however that this policy will be renewed at the end of October, therefore our insurer is unable to issue any documents past 31 October. Please email Azita Karpour after 31 October if you require updated documentation.

NB: Any knowledge of an event which may give rise to a claim should be reported immediately to the Insurance Team. Failure to do so may limit or negate the insurance protection available to the University.

  • Who/What is Covered?

    The policy provides coverage for UNSW’s aircraft and also for any civil liability arising from the operation of these aircraft.

    Level of Cover

    Do I need extra cover?

    Aircraft crew and passengers are not covered by this policy.

  • If Something Goes Wrong?

    All enquiries regarding the Aircraft Hull and Aviation Liability insurance policy should be directed to Azita Karpour of Insurance on (02) 8936 4514.

    Making a Claim

    In the event of any claim, please contact Azita Karpour of Insurance on (02) 8936 4514.

For more information please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call 9385 3330.