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Expatriate medical

Are you a staff member or student living overseas on UNSW business? 

If you become ill or experience a medical emergency, your medical expenses may be covered by the UNSW expatriate medical insurance policy. 

Expatriate Medical Insurance FAQ

Do I need to apply for expatriate medical insurance?

Yes. You must fill in an application form at the time of your employment or student exchange.

If you are a UNSW academic or non-academic staff member, you may apply for either single or family insurance. 

If you are an exchange student, you may apply for single insurance only. There is no family type coverage available for students.

Step 1. Complete the  expatriate_application_form.pdf 

Step 2. Scan and email the form to


What is covered by the expatriate medical insurance policy?

The expatriate policy covers medical expenses and emergency evacuation. 

For more information, access the FAQs and the summary of medical benefits sheets.

What is not covered by the expatriate medical insurance policy?

It does not cover:

  • routine medical examinations
  • pre-existing conditions
  • Medicare expenses
  • cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • HIV
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • injuries incurred while intoxicated
  • injuries incurred while travelling against medical advice.
Make an expatriate medical insurance claim

All claims must be made within 30 days of incurring the expense.

Submit your claim on line through  (policy number 01PX528909). please ensure to attached your travel approval form/email as well as your receipts and relevant document to the form.


Step 1: Compete the Expatriate Medical Expenses Claim Form 

The last page of the form must be completed by an authorised staff member  (e.g. Head of School, Academic Supervisor, School Administration.)

Step 2: collate relevant receipts, scan and email to: A& 

Ensure you keep a copy of all your documents

For more information please contact Insurance on (02) 9385 3330