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Public Liability

This policy will be renewed at the end of October, therefore our insurer is unable to issue any documents past 31 October. Please email the Finance Helpdesk after 31 October if you require updated documentation.

ŸNB: Any knowledge of an event which may give rise to a claim should be reported immediately to the Insurance Team. Failure to do so may limit or negate the insurance protection available to the University.

  • Who/What is Covered?

    The University’s Public Liability policy indemnifies UNSW its legal liability to third party who incur bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of the negligence of the University, its staff, students, volunteers, Council, Board or Committee members.

    In the legal sense, negligence means 1) the failure to use reasonable care; 2) failure to act as a reasonable person would be expected to act in similar circumstances where such failure leads to a person being injured or their property damaged.

    The policy covers UNSW for injury or damage to others, including:

    • Bodily injury, death, sickness, disability and mental harm
    • False arrest, wrongful detention or imprisonment, and malicious prosecution
    • Wrongful entry or eviction
    • Physical damage or destruction of tangible property
    • Economic losses

    These are subject to a number of exclusions. The policy includes coverage for legal costs incurred in defending a claim.

    Level of Cover

    UNSW purchases a minimum of $20million in Product and Public Liability. NB: This policy does not extend cover to contractors engaged by UNSW, therefore these parties are required to purchase their own cover and provide UNSW with the proof of their cover.

  • If Something Goes Wrong?

    All incidents of bodily injury, property loss or damage to third parties should be reported to Security, Estate Management (if there is building damage) and to  Azita Karpour of Insurance on (02) 8936 4514 .

    Making a Claim

    Please contact Azita Karpour (02) 8936 4514 of Insurance.

For more information please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call 9385 3330.