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Personal accident

  • Who/What is covered?

    The policy provides a range of benefits in the event of accidental death or accidental bodily injury whilst undertaking UNSW authorised activities.

    The benefits and the amounts payable vary between staff, students, Sporting Club Members, voluntary workers, UNSW guests & invitees.

    The policy provides cover to the following people:

    • All Members of the University Council
    • Staff of UNSW (Academic & Non-Academic)

    Cover applies whilst a staff member is on or off campus acting in the interests of UNSW or involved in UNSW business including authorised overseas travel.

    • Full and Part time Students enrolled in UNSW

    Cover applies whilst a student is on or off campus acting in the interests of UNSW or involved in UNSW business such as attending a conference, conducting fieldwork, or participating in an approved overseas exchange program

    • Members of the Sporting Club

    Cover applies whilst members are on or off campus representing the UNSW Sporting Club or involved in UNSW Sporting Club business including authorised overseas travel.

    • Voluntary Workers, Guests and Invitees of UNSW

    Cover applies whilst an insured person is on or off campus acting in the interests of UNSW or involved in UNSW business including authorised overseas travel.

    The policy provides cover both here in Australia and overseas. For all approved UNSW activities, cover is automatic and no application forms are required. There is no cover for partner/spouse and dependent children under the policy.


    What is not covered?

    What is Not Covered?

    • Claims arising from a Covered Person training or participating in professional sport of any kind are excluded
    • Claims arising from intentional self-injury, suicide or any illegal or criminal act committed by a Covered Person are excluded
    • Claims arising from sickness, illness or disease are excluded
    • Claims arising directly or indirectly from a Covered Person being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, including having a blood alcohol content over the prescribed legal limit whilst driving, or being under the influence of any other drug unless it was prescribed by a Doctor and taken in accordance with a Doctors advice are excluded
    • Claims arising from the Covered Person suffering from neurosis, psychosis, mental or emotional stress or anxiety condition, physical fatigue and/or associated disease or disorder are excluded
    • Claims arising from a Covered Person flying in an aircraft or aerial device other than as a passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers are excluded
    • Claims arising from any pre-existing medical condition are excluded
    • Claims arising from war, invasion or civil war are excluded
    • Claims arising from pregnancy or childbirth, except for unexpected medical complications or emergencies are excluded
  • If something goes wrong?

    Contact (02) 9385 53330 in UNSW Finance

    Making a Claim

    Submit your claim on line through  (Policy number 01PO528924). please ensure to attached your activity approval form/email as well as your receipts and relevant document to the form.


    Make a claim by completeing the Personal Injury Claim Form. Include your invoices, receipts and relevant documents.

    The claim form must be signed by an authorised staff member (e.g. Head of School, Academic Supervisor, School Administration.)

    Submit your claim via one of the following two options.

    1. scan and email to: A&
    2. keep a copy of all your documents and send the originals to the:
      • Accident & Health Claims Department, GPO Box 4065, Sydney NSW 2001

    To receive a copy of UNSW Personal Accident policy please email

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses that are recoverable from any private health insurance fund, or Medicare. This includes the Medicare gap, which is the difference between the payment made by Medicare and the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee for the expense.

The following excesses will apply to claims where cover is applicable:

Weekly Injury Benefit, Student Tutorial, Emergency Home Help Bed Care / Extra cash

7 Day waiting period  

Injury Assistance Transport / Chauffer Plan

3 Day waiting period

Weekly Injury Benefit - Sports Injury

28 Day waiting period

Non Medicare Medical Expenses


The policy does not cover persons aged 80 years and over. In addition, there is no cover under Section 1 of the Policy for Event 2 (Permanent Total Disablement) or Events 25, 26, 27 or 28 (Temporary Total Disablement and Temporary Partial Disablement) with respect to any Covered Person who is over seventy-five (75) years of age.

Also, the UNSW Group Personal Accident policy does not provide cover for accompanied spouse and children or whilst a Covered Person is undertaking any associated leisure or incidental private travel.

For more information please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call (02) 9385 53330.