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Travel insurance

 caution.png   Due to COVID-19 there are some restrictions on UNSW travel insurance cover. Please email Finance Help with your travel details for more information.caution.png

Are you a staff member or student travelling on UNSW business?

If your travel has been approved, you are automatically covered by the UNSW’s travel insurance policy with Chubb Insurance (policy number 01PP528908).

For emergencies within Australia call 000.
For emergencies overseas, contact International SOS on + 61 2 9372 2468.

What do you want to do?

Find out who and what is covered

If you are travelling on approved UNSW business, such as attending a conference, conducting fieldwork, participating in a special studies program (SSP), or going on an exchange, you will automatically be covered by the university’s travel insurance.

Insurance is provided by Chubb. Our policy number is 01PP528908.

For further details email 

Who is covered?

The UNSW travel insurance policy covers staff, students, volunteers and invitees of the university who are travelling more than 100km from their UNSW campus on approved university business.

Staff (but not students) are also covered for any accompanying spouse or partner, dependent children and carers.

Spouse/Partner means a Covered Person’s husband or wife and includes a de-facto and/or life partner with whom a Covered Person has continuously cohabited for a period of three (3) months or more at the time of loss.

What is covered?

The UNSW travel insurance policy covers:

  • Medical emergencies due to bodily injury or sickness
  • Cost of evacuation (if recommended by a doctor)
  • Additional costs and/or loss of expenses incurred due to medical emergency
  • Damage, loss or theft of luggage (not including electronic or digital equipment) – for travel up to 180 days.

Staff (but not students) are also covered for:

  • Loss of money, traveller’s cheques or travel documentation up to $5,000
  • Deprivation of baggage cover up to $3,000.



What is not covered by the insurance?

The UNSW travel insurance does not cover:

  • Routine medical events such as medical check-ups, pre-existing conditions, prescriptions and vaccinations
  • Professional sport (training or participation) or aerial activities (other than as a passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers).
  • International visitors travelling to UNSW are not covered under this insurance policy.

Are any personal items not covered by the policy?

The policy does not cover loss or damage to any personal electronic or digital equipment, such as:

  • Mobile phones
  • Computers, iPad, tablets
  • All related peripherals, media and data

When flying, you must take all UNSW-owned electronics on board as hand luggage

What if I want to cover more than the existing university travel insurance policy?

Staff and students may choose an alternative travel insurance product. This could include other Chubb travel insurance products or travel insurance from another provider.

You will need to pay for any alternative cover out of your own pocket.

If you wish to insure with an alternative provider, please email with the policy name, number and your travel dates.

If I am travelling within Australia, will the coverage be any different?

If you injure yourself while travelling within Australia and require medical treatment that is covered by Medicare, you will not be covered by the UNSW travel insurance policy. This includes any Medicare gap.

Frequently asked travel insurance questions

Do I have to apply or pay for UNSW travel insurance?

No, all approved travel is automatically covered by the university’s travel insurance policy. The policy is provided by Chubb Insurance (policy number 01PP528908).

What is the definition of travel?

Travel is defined as travelling more than 100kms from your usual UNSW campus.

When am I covered?

You are automatically covered by the insurance policy for the dates your travel is approved.

How do I prove I have travel insurance?

Keep a record UNSW’s insurance company and policy number – Chubb insurance 01PP528908.

You can request a letter of confirmation which demonstrates insurance coverage to passport and/or visa issuers, educational institutions, immigration authorities or other interested parties by completing this form.

Does UNSW travel insurance cover personal travel before and after business travel?

Yes, for staff (but not students) any personal travel taken before or after business travel is covered by the UNSW travel insurance policy. Before you travel, make sure all dates on MyTrips are correct

For students, any associated personal travel taken before or after business travel, is covered for medical and emergency evacuations only, and as long as the personal travel period is equal to or less than period of business travel. The maximum is four months.

If some of my property is lost or stolen, what do I need to do before making a claim?

If your property is lost or stolen whilst travelling, a report or letter from the Authority, (such as the Police or Airline) must be provided with your claim.

If your property was lost or damaged by a Carrier/Airline, make a claim with the Carrier before making a claim with Chubb.

What if I change my travel dates?

If you change your travel dates before or after you leave on your trip, update MyTrips

I am going overseas for more than a year, what do I need to do?

The UNSW travel policy is valid for up to 365 days. If you are going to be away for longer than 365 days, contact the Finance Helpdesk.

Is there an excess on claims?

Yes, you will need to pay an excess on medical, theft and loss claims:

  • Medical expenses: $50 excess
  • Baggage theft or loss claims: $250 excess.

If I have a medical claim, when do I need to make it by?

You must submit claims for medical expense within 30 days of incurring the expense.

Note: All medical treatment will cease 12 months after the initial injury date.

More frequently asked questions.

I have a travel insurance question. Who do I contact?


Find out how to make a claim

If you have received medical treatment or have items lost or stolen while travelling on UNSW approved business you will need to submit a claim to our insurer Chubb Insurance.

For medical expenses you must submit a claim within 30 days of incurring the expense.
Note: All medical treatment will cease 12 months after the initial injury date.

How do I make a claim?

Submit your claim on line through  (policy number 01PP528908). please ensure to attached your travel approval form/email as well as your receipts and relevant document to the form.


Complete the  Corporate Travel Insurance Form quoting the university’s policy number 01PP528908.

Scan any receipts and attach them to the claim form. Make sure you keep a copy of all receipts.

Submit the claim form and all your supporting documentation to Chubb by either:

Tel: 1 800 688 640

Email: A&

Fax: +61 2 9231 3697

Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
GPO Box 4065
Sydney NSW 2001

Find out what to do in an emergency

For emergencies within Australia call 000.

UNSW is a member of iSOS - a 24 hour global medical and travel security company. All staff and students travelling overseas on approved travel can contact International SOS on + 61 2 9372 2468, or one of their Assistance Centre numbers.

UNSW Membership number: 12AYCA086931


Calling from Assistance Centre Collect call
North and South America Philadelphia, PA



Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS),
Africa or Middle East
London 44-208-762-8008

Asia, Australia, or Pacific Rim

Singapore 65-6338-7800


What do I do if I have a medical or security emergency overseas?

Contact International SOS on + 61 2 9372 2468 if you:

  • are hospitalised and/or need medical monitoring (including upfront payment to ensure emergency admission).
  • need step-by-step security instructions and advice to ensure safety
  • need to be evacuated in an emergency or if there is a threat to your security
  • need to contact family members and UNSW with updates on your situation
  • need help returning to work after the emergency.

What else can International SOS help me with?

You may also contact International SOS:

  • to obtain a referral for a doctor, dentist or other medical care
  • if you hear of travel disruption affecting your itinerary
  • if you hear of adverse weather or a natural disaster that impacts your itinerary
  • if you hear of riots or protests outside your hotel or place of business
  • if you need a language translator
  • of your wallet, passport or identification documents are lost or stolen
  • if you are the victim of a theft or assault.

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