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Reimbursing staff and students

Have you spent your own money on UNSW business?

If you are a UNSW staff member or student, you are entitled to be reimbursed.

If you are a UNSW staff member, you can claim your expenses yourself or have another staff member claim your expenses on your behalf.

If you are a student, you can enter your claim into Finance Services (found by clicking on the My Finance tab in myUNSW) or you can ask a UNSW staff member to make a claim on your behalf. You must provide the staff member with your receipt/s.

As a UNSW staff member, you can also enter student payments for scholarships, prizes and awards.

What do you want to do?

Staff & Student Reimbursement Forms
ER1 - Expense Reimbursement

This form is used for the reimbursement of expenses to employees and students. Complete the ER1 Expense Reimbursement Form and forward to your administrator for entry into NS Financials. This form is not required to be completed by employees if the employees is entering their own claim into NS Financials and the employee signs the form that is printed from NS Financials.

MV2 - Private Vehicle Mileage Form

Use the MV2 form if claiming motor vehicle expenses on a privately owned vehicle used for UNSW business purposes.

TR2 - Travel Allowance Form

Use the TR2 Travel Allowance form to Claim a Travel Allowance (employee only).

Finance Services Online Forms

Log into Finance Services and use the online forms (including submitting an Expense Claim).  Click here to view the guidance materials.  (Things you should know about if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

Staff & Student Reimbursement Training

Register for online Staff & Student Reimbursement Training - FIN103

1. Go to myUNSW and Sign On

2. Under My Staff Profile, then Manage My Profile, select - My Profile – Learning and Development – Request Training Enrolment – Search by Course Number

3. Enter FIN103 

You will receive an email the following day confirming registration. 

If you have questions about registering for online training please contact Finance Training Information


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