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Reimbursing staff and students

Have you spent your own money on UNSW business?

If you are a UNSW staff member or student, you are entitled to be reimbursed.

All expenses must be for a legitimate University purpose, meaning they are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances, and publicly defensible. The expenditure must not be, or perceived to be excessive and must meet the following principles:

  • Necessary to perform a valid business purpose fulfilling the mission of the University
  • Reasonable in that the expense is not extreme or excessive, and reflects a prudent decision to incur the expense
  • Appropriate in that the expense is suitable and fitting in the context of the valid business purpose
  • Allowable according to the terms of any federal regulation, sponsored contract, or University Policy and Procedure.

If you are a UNSW staff member, you can claim your expenses yourself using Concur. For more information go to the My Expenses page.

If you are a student, you can claim your expenses by logging into my UNSW and  clicking on the My Finance tab in myUNSW) or you can ask a UNSW staff member to make a claim on your behalf. You must provide the staff member with your receipt/s.

As a UNSW staff member, you can also enter student payments for scholarships, prizes and awards using Finance Services.

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Staff & Student Reimbursement Forms
ER1 - Expense Reimbursement

Staff should use Concur to claim their reimbursable expenses.

Students should claim their expenses in myUNSW.  Use this form to get your expense claim approved prior to entering it Student Expense Reimbursement form.

MV1 & MV2 - Private Vehicle Mileage Form

Complete the MV1 and the MV2 form if claiming motor vehicle expenses on a privately owned vehicle used for UNSW business purposes.

TR2 - Travel Allowance Form

Travel allowances should be calculated in My Travel, and then once approved, claimed in Concur (attaching the Pre Trip Approval from My Travel as your supporting documentation). 

If your travel was not booked using My Travel and you don't have a PTA (pre trip approval) use this TR2 Travel Allowance form to get your allowance approved, then claim it in Concur using the TR2 as your supporting documentation (employee only).

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