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Approve claims

Staff members must not approve their own expense claims. Even if you are a financial delegate, you will need to submit your expense claim to someone else to approve.
If you are a financial delegate entering a claim on behalf of someone else, you are permitted to both submit and approve the claim.

How do I approve an expense claim?

As an approver, you will receive an email telling you there is an expense claim that requires your approval.

Step 1 - Click on the link in the expense claim notification email.

Step 2 - Check the claim.

  1. Is the information accurate?
  2. Is the expenditure appropriate?
  3. Are receipts and tax invoices attached to the claim?

Step 3 - Approve or deny the claim.

Denied claims are returned to the claimant to fix and re-submit.

You can also log into NS Financials at any time and check your ‘To Action’ list for any outstanding expense claims to approve.

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