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Travel is recognised as an essential necessity for UNSW staff and students to carry out their work.  For this to occur it is important that the correct procedures are followed to prepare for all aspects of your travel which is defined as more than 100kms from your normal place of work.

For helpful links click here and for more information please contact Finance Helpdesk on or call extension 53330.

Travel Forms
TR1 - Travel Approval

Travel Approval Form - to be completed prior to travel, retain within School Administration office (Travel Diary to be attached on return from trip).

TR2 - Travel Allowance Form

TR2 Travel Allowance Form and Travel Allowances

TR3 - Travel Cash Advance Form

Travel Cash Advance Form

TR4 - Travel Advance Settlement Form

Travel Advance Settlement Form

TR5 - Travel Diary Form

Travel Diary Form

Example 1 - Travel Diary

Travel Diary Sample 1 (no private days included)

Example 2 - Travel Diary

Travel Diary Sample 2 (with private days included)

MV1 - Booking Vehicles

Booking Vehicles

MV2 - Claiming Travel Expenses
Private Vehicle Mileage Form
Travel Insurance Claim Form

Click Here for information on making an insurance claim.

Leave Form

If you will be taking leave while you are travelling please complete a leave application form.  Log into MyUNSW, click on the "My Staff Profile" tab and you will see the leave application form to the left of your screen.

Travel Training

Serko Reference Guides