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Frequently asked questions

Booking Travel - FAQs

How can I book travel?

There are three options to book travel

Option 1: Via Serko, the university’s online travel booking service

Don’t have a Serko login? Create your profile.
Allow 24 hours for the account to be active.
Never used Serko before? Access the Serko quick reference guides

Option 2: Contact a UNSW preferred travel management company (TMC)

You can have all your travel arrangements made by one of the following companies.

STA Travel e: t: 02 9080 1740.
ATPI Voyager e: t: 02 8354 3930
Anywhere Travel  e: t: 1 300 130 464: or
Campus Travel e: t: 1 300 882 021 02 9423 8010

Option 3: Make your own booking via any other method (direct with the airline, other travel agent /travel aggregator sites)

Who are the university’s preferred travel management companies (TMCs)?

STA Travel
ATPI Voyager
Anywhere Travel 
Campus Travel

What is the difference between MyTrips and a Travel Diary?

MyTrips is the system that records itineraries and travel details – all staff and student travel needs to be included in this system to enable the university to fulfil its duty of care.

A travel diary is only required if staff or students are going to be away for more than five nights (including travel time and any private days). This is an Australian Tax Office requirement to show the business activities undertaken.

What is MyTrips and is it compulsory?

MyTrips  is an online tool for recording itineraries. MyTrips is compulsory. All staff and student travel needs to be recorded to ensure the university can make contact in an emergency. This is part of the university’s duty of care  to staff and students.

(If you book your travel via Option 1: Serko or Option 2: one of the university’s travel management companies (TMCs), MyTrips is automaticaly updated)

If I don’t book travel via Serko or one of the university’s TMCs what do I need to do?

You need to update MyTrips.

If travelling overseas, you can update MyTrips one of the following two ways: 

1.  Email your itinerary to who will scan and save your travel details into the MyTrips system; or

2.  Enter your travel information directly into MyTrips.

If travelling within Australia, you need to directly enter your travel information into MyTrips

What if I find cheaper airfares via another source?

If you find a cheaper airfare than what is provided by Serko or one of the TMCs feel free to book this travel and email a screen shot of the cheaper fair to

Serko - FAQs

How do I create a traveller profile and obtain Serko Access?

Apply for access to Serko - allow 24 hours for your profile to be set up.

It’s been 24 hours but  the system is not recognising my zID and zPass?

Email for your profile to be checked.

What is the Corporate Shared Key?

unsw ( all lower case)

What if the ‘Firstname’ I commonly use is not the name on my passport?

The ‘Firstname’ must match your passport

How do I log in?

Serko uses a single sign on. Log in with your zID and zPass.

I've locked myself out of Serko what shall I do? 

After three failed attempts, you will be locked out of Serko. Email the Finance Help Desk  to unlock your account.

Do I need to use Serko for my travel to be insured? 

No. Any approved travel is automatically insured.  UNSW travel insurance is provided by Chubb. The policy number is 01PP528908

If I book cheaper price with another agent who is not a preferred agent or a travel site, can I book it and will I be insured? 

Yes travel can be booked via any source. Any approved travel is automatically insured. UNSW travel insurance is provided by Chubb, the policy number is 01PP528908

I am finding booking more than point to point travel in Serko difficult what can I do  to make it easier?

If you are travelling to multiple destinations, select the ‘custom booking’ button. Or if you prefer, liaise with one of university’s travel management companies direct.

Need some more help with Serko? 

Go to the Serko quick reference guides

Travel Diary - FAQs

What do I need to do if I am going to be away more than five nights?

Staff who are going to be away for more than five nights (including travel time and any personal days) must complete a travel diary. This is an Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirement to show the business activities undertaken. 

Need help? See the sample travel diaries

How do I submit my travel diary?

If you booked via Serko, or STA Travel or ATPI Voyager  - attach the diary to your Serko profile.                               

If you need help to do this, instructions are available.

If you booked via Anywhere Travel or Campus Travel or you have made your own booking/s via another source, submit your travel diary via  one of the following (depending on the way your trip is paid).

Why does Serko need a chartfield when I am only recording my travel not booking it?

It is part of the booking system. If you don’t have the chartfield number, use AA111 for Fund and 1 for Department.

Personal and Business Travel - FAQs

Can I combine business travel with private travel?

Yes. If the number of private days is greater than 49% of the total days away, fringe benefits tax (FBT) may be payable.  Use the Tax tool - dual purpose travel calculator to work out if there is any potential FBT liability.

Does travel time count when calculating the percentage of business versus personal travel?

Yes. This is part of the travel period. The travel days to and from business locations are counted as business days.

What is the definition of a business day?

  • Days where business activities are undertaken for at least 2 to 3 hours in the day 
  • Unavoidable delays between business activities
  • Travel days to and from the business location
  • Travel recovery day at the start of the trip, e.g. maximum 1 day recovery due to time zone changes, long haul flights.
  • Weekends or public holidays falling within business activities
  • Working from office or hotel where majority of day spent working

What is the definition of a private day?

  • Any day not considered business
  • Days of booked recreation leave
  • Weekends and public holidays within private activities
  • Weekends and public holidays after the business has finished, when remaining at travel destination or travelling to another location for holiday
  • Travel days to or from a holiday location, (e.g. after the business has finished and you travel to another location for holiday) 
  • University shut down period
  • Extended public holiday periods (e.g. Easter, where the employee could return home as business has finished).

More than 49% of my travel is going to be for personal travel what do I need to do?

You need to split the travel payment by paying 50% of the total airfare with your own credit card and the remaining 50% on a UNSW credit card. Any additional airfares to or from a holiday location need to be paid personally by the staff member.

If booking via Serko (which will only accept one credit card) one option is to pay the full amount on your personal credit card and put in for an expense reimbursement for 50% as a business expense.                                                                           

Travel Insurance - FAQs

Who is UNSWs travel insurance provider and what is the policy number?

Chubb Insurance - Policy Number 01PP528908

How do I know I am insured?

Once your travel has been approved you are automatically covered by the university’s travel insurance policy.

Where can I get a copy of the travel insurance letter of confirmation?


For more insurance FAQs visit the travel insurance page.

Travelling overseas - FAQs

What do I need to do before I get my international travel approved?

Check the risk rating of your destination/s

What do I need to do before booking international travel?

Check whether visas or vaccinations are required - if using a travel management company they can advise on this.

What do I need to do before leaving for overseas?

1. Download or print out the International SOS contact details

UNSW Membership number: 12AYCA086931

Print the card to keep as you travel and/or Download the assistance app
(membership number required)   

2. Call your credit card provider to advise them you are travelling overseas.

For UNSW credit cards contact Westpac on 1 300 650 107.

Who are International SOS?

International SOS (iSOS) is a global medical and travel security services firm.

UNSW has engaged iSOS to provide travel-related security and medical advice for staff and students prior to and during international travel. They provide 24/7 emergency assistance – medical, security or general travel enquires (e.g. language barriers, visas, lost passports).

All staff and students travelling overseas on approved travel can contact iSOS anywhere at any time in an emergency.

UNSW Membership number: 12AYCA086931

Print the card to keep as you travel and/or Download the assistance app
(membership number required)   

    Call  +61 2 9372 2468

Calling from Assistance centre Collect call
North and South America Philadelphia, PA



Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS),
Africa or Middle East
London 44-208-762-8008
Asia, Australia, or Pacific Rim Singapore 65-6338-7800


Need help?

For detailed information about UNSW staff and student travel go to the Travel Procedure