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Invoice Line


Enter the Invoice Line(s)


Your invoice should have a minimum of one line, but you can add more lines.  You can also distribute the accounting of a line to charge different chartfields (budgets)

   Enter a description for the line, this will print on the invoice

2    The default unit of measure is EA (each) but you can use the lookup to change it

3    Enter the quantity (how many) are you charging in this line 

4    The unit price (excl GST).  If you enter 2 into the quantity using the unit of measure EA and $50 into the unit price, the result for the line will be $100

5    Most bills are normally taxable so the GST code defaults to SALE.  This will add GST to your bill.  You can change the GST code by using the lookup.  If you are unsure what to use there is a reference here, otherwise you can enter comments (untick send to customers) and ask the FST person who will process your bill for assistance with the GST.

6    You can add comments or notes to the line

7    You can choose to have your comments printed on the invoice (or not by unticking send to customer)

8    You can add more lines to your invoice or delete lines.  Your invoice must have at least one line.

9    Click to go to the Chartfields section where you can enter the project details

10   If you have many lines that are the same you can enter all the details for one line, select it (using the radio button to the far left of the line) and then copy the line.  This will copy all the details of the line too so that you don't have to enter all the same information into each line.

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Enter the chartfield (project) details


1   Once you've click on the header tab from the invoice line you need to click on the chartfields hyperlink.

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Now you can enter your chartfield information. 

1   Your project id (this is not a mandatory field so if you are not using a project id you can leave it blank

2   The GL account code that matches what you have on the line.  Revenue accounts start with zero so you can use the lookup to filter the search by searching for all account codes that start with 0

3   The chartfield fund code

4   The chartfield department id

5   If you are charging this line across multiple chartfields you can specify the amount to charge here.  For one line it should remain at 100%

6   Here is where you can add more lines so that you can distribute the charge across many chartfields.

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