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Tip of the week


The purpose of the Tip of the Week is to address the most commonly asked questions every week.

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TIP (07/02/2020):  How can I charge an expense across more than one project/chartfield?

TIP (31/01/2020):  What supporting documentation around travel approval  do I need to provide for Travel related expenses?

TIP (24/01/2020):  How do I make sure I'm reconciling a credit card transaction and not claiming an out of pocket expenes?

TIP (17/01/2020):  How can I view ALL my credit card transactions (both past and present)?

TIP (20/12/2019):  I got paid for some credit card transactions, what do I do?

TIP (13/12/2019):  I used my University credit card for a personal expense - what do I do?

TIP (06/12/2019):  How can I view all my submitted claims?

TIP (29/11/2019):  What does the Cost Object Warning mean?

TIP (22/11/2019):  How do I repay the unspent balance of my cash advance?

TIP (15/11/2019):  How can I apply the same entry to a field across many lines of expenses (i.e., apply the same project id to many lines)

TIP (08/11/2019):  How can I view one big claim in summary?

TIP (01/11/2019):  When do I need to specifically name attendees?

TIP (25/10/2019):  I have a function with many attendees, how do I deal with that?

TIP (18/10/2019):  Where do I put the project details when applying for a cash advance?

TIP (11/10/2019):  As a Portfolio Manager, what am I approving?

TIP (04/10/2019):  Why is the missing receipt declaration greyed out?

TIP (27/09/2019):  I submitted an expense claim, why did I only receive 0.05c?

TIP (20/09/2019):  How can I check the status of my Claim?