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Tips and Troubleshooting

Finding a suitable business purpose or expense type

View the Business Purpose or Expense Type listing or All Accounts listing. If you cannot find a suitable business purpose or expense type for your transaction, use the business purpose called Other Expenses and enter your own GL Account Code. See training modules for more help [link to training modules].

Reconciling a transaction using multiple accounting distribution lines

If you wish to reconcile a transaction using more than one set of accounting chartfields.

1. Select the Distribution icon


2. Enter the accounting chartfields for the first distribution line or accept the default values
3. Adjust the value for the distribution line by changing the percent or amount fields. In the example below, percent is adjusted from 100 to 50.


4. Scroll across to the end of the distribution line and select the + symbol to add a second distribution line with the remaining balance showing.


5. Update the accounting chartfields on the second distribution line.

Reconciling a disputed transaction

If you are disputing a transaction, you must still reconcile it in NS Financials.

Select the 'Dispute' tab, enter the transaction amount and tick the 'Transaction' box in dispute. In the 'Description' field, write “dispute transaction”. Use your default default department code and the appropriate chartfield code to the best of your knowledge.

You must also initiate the process to resolve the dispute with the bank - see managing your card

If Westpac deems the dispute to be valid, you will receive a credit onto your card. This credit amount must be reconciled against the same coding you entered for the dispute line.

Reconciling a personal expense

UNSW credit cards are intended to be used for UNSW business purposes only. Private expenditure is not allowed on the card unless it is unavoidable. This is defined as situations where it is not possible to separate personal from business expenditure in a particular transaction or an emergency or crisis situation.

Adherence to this is an important responsibility of cardholders under UNSW Credit Card Procedures.

If a cardholder incurs an unavoidable personal expense on their university card, they must reimburse UNSW immediately. Reconciliation of a personal expense is a two-step process:

1. Reimbursement to UNSW – to be paid directly into the credit card, either at as Westpac branch, or via BPAY using Biller Code 5181 and quoting your credit card number as the reference
2. Reconciliation of the transaction in NS Financials:

  • the expense should be coded to business purpose private expend and expense type private expend
  • The payment made into the credit card should be coded to business purpose private expend and the expense type private expend payment.

Note: the system will code all private expenditure to your business area using the GL account 7573 and a VAT code of EXAD, please do not change this.


Attachments – error messages and file size limits

NS Financials has a 20MB size limit for attachments. If your file size is greater than 20MB please reduce your file size (you can do this by zipping the file). If you need assistance reducing your file size, contact the Finance helpdesk on x53330.

If you receive the error message below when loading your attachment, it means the name of your file is too long. Please rename your file using a name of less than 52 characters and try again.


Tips for card approvers

Issue Solution
Nothing happens when I click on the approval form (html file) attached to the email

You may be using an unsupported web browser.
1. Change your default browser to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome


2. Save the attachment to your desktop and right click to open it using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome

Nothing happens when I click the “submit” button in the approval email

Check that you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome as your default browser, and Outlook Exchange is installed as your default mail client. (The process will not work in webmail.)

For assistance changing your default settings, contact the IT helpdesk on 51333.


Cardholder or supervisor receives “user not authorised” message This occurs when the approver does not have delegation. Use a different approver or contact the approver to check their delegation
Links unexpectedly take you to the credit card reconciliation page in NSF Contact the IT helpdesk on 51333
I’m unsure if the approval email I’ve received is genuine or a phishing scam


Check that the email comes from: Credit Card Email Approval System [].

If you are still concerned, contact the IT helpdesk on 51333

When I deny a statement, the resubmit button is grayed out and I can’t resubmit When you deny a statement, include comments indicating why. It will go back to the reconciler. They must amend and resubmit it.
A pop-up appears saying approval does not work via webmail

Ensure Outlook Exchange is installed as your default mail client. If you are travelling, you can access Outlook Exchange remotely via the UNSW VPN, rather than using webmail.

For assistance changing your default mail client or accessing the VPN, contact the IT helpdesk on 51333.

How do I change the supervisor when I have already submitted for approval?

To change the supervisor to someone else, please contact (x 53330).

Please do not try to update the supervisor via NS Financials as this will cause system issues.