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Unspent Funds

ARC has listed (see table below) possible reasons for carryover of funds from one year to another. More than one ‘Unspent Reason’ may be provided. Reason codes let the ARC know why funding is being requested to be carried over into the following year.

Reason Code Explanation
Late Project start Project started late (3.g. due to late signing of agreement/s; ARC approved deferment; moved from overseas
Late Student start Late commencement of HDR Student
Late Staff Start Late commencement of staff
Leave/Suspension Investigator/s and/or students and/or support staff took leave/suspension/maternity leave
Staff Resignation Unexpected resignation of staff
Work Hours Change Change in work hours (%FTE) approved by ARC or administering organisation
Project Transfer Project transferred during the reporting period
CI Movement Disruption due to movement of named investigators
Seasonal Fieldwork Seasonal nature of fieldwork (e.g.wet season migratory practices, remote community access)
Equipment Issues Equipment issues (breakdown of project equipment unavailability of new equipment causing delays; delay in new equipment being available from supplier;delay in construction of equipment)
Late Invoicing late invoicing for services or equipment
Task rescheduling Rescheduling of tasks due to change of budget/scope, resulting in expenditure being moved into next year
Other If other is chosen, mandatory reason must be submitted
Recovery A recovery occurs when unspent ARC funding is repaid to the ARC. When funds have not been spent and there is no approved carryover, ARC funding will be recovered
Transfer correction Correction in the figures provided to the ARC at the time of the Transfer of the Project.  If this is selected, additional information must be entered into the justification stating what has happened and the amount that needs to be transferred and/or corrected


From January 2014 for existing and new grants, researchers (Chief Investigator A) will no longer be required to justify the carry forward of funds that exceed 25% of the total funds available in the previous year. In other words, the requirement ceases, regardless of when the grant commenced.

However, this change do not affect the requirement to apply for a grant extension in the last year of funding where there are unspent funds that are still needed to complete the research plan.

Any extension of the approved funding period of a grant where there are unspent funds in the last year of funding will still require a formal request to be submitted to NHMRC.

For more information on your obligations see Roles involved in Research Financial Management.