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Working with receipts

Use ExpenseIt to send your receipts to Concur

expensit_small.pngRight click and copy link location to grab the urlThe quickest way to use Concur for Expenses is to use ExpenseIt.  This is a function on your mobile device (located at the bottom left of the screen)

  • Take a photo on your mobile device using ExpenseIt then close the app and wait for a notification from Concur confirming it has completed analysing the receipt
  • You can either go back into the mobile app and complete the claim (using the link provided in the notification); OR
  • Log into the Concur desktop, locate the ExpenseIt receipt in the Available Expenses section
  • Select the Expense and select Move
  • You will have the option of moving to an existing Claim or creating a New Claim
  • You can identify the ExpenseIt receipts via the Star icon
  • To create a New Claim, follow the instructions shown in the video

Watch this video for more information about using ExpenseIt    video

Ways of working with receipts in Concur

Right click and copy link location to grab the urlOther than using the ExpenseIt app via Concur Mobile, there are 3 methods you can use to capture receipts:

  1. Email a photo or scanned image of the receipt to - this will produce the same result as taking a photo using ExpenseIt (i.e., the desktop way of using ExpenseIt)
  2. Email your receipt to - this will place your receipt in the Available Receipts section in Concur, so when you're working your expense claim you can drag the receipt into your expense from the Available Receipts link
  3. Scan and Upload to Concur Desktop in the traditional way using the Browse function

Click here for more information on working with receipts in Concur

Receipt Status

Right click and copy link location to grab the urlThe Receipt Status will default to Tax Invoice.  If you don't have a Tax Invoice what you change the status to is important, here's why:

  1. No Receipt - if you don't have any supporting documentation you should change the Receipt status to “No Receipt” and complete a Missing Receipt Affidavit.  This will provide a declaration that you incurred the expense but did not obtain a Tax Invoice or receipt as evidence of the spend.
  2. Receipt – if your supporting documentation is a receipt or other evidence of the amount spent (but not an Australian Tax Invoice) change it to this.  As there is no Tax Invoice the GST charged cannot be claimed from the ATO, unless the total amount is $82.50 (incl) or less.
  3. Tax Invoice – The document has the words “Tax Invoice” on it and shows an ABN. The GST can be claimed from the ATO on the University's BAS.  Concur will default to this status.  If you have a Tax Invoice you can leave it as this.



What to do if you don't have a receipt

Right click and copy link location to grab the urlIf you have lost a receipt, you will need to add a Missing Receipt Declaration to your Expense. You can do this by changing the Receipt Status to No Receipt


and then using the Receipts drop down attach a missing receipt declaration.


Important to know - only the claimant/cardholder can use this functionality.  If you are a delegate this menu item will be greyed out and will not be available to you.  The reason for this is that this is a legal document and you cannot make the declaration on behalf of someone else. The claimant/cardholder will need to either a) log in and make the declaration or b) complete and sign the missing declaration form which can be scanned and attached to the transaction in place of the receipt. 

Watch this video for more information   video 

I can't see my receipts in Concur

Right click and copy link location to grab the urlThere are a couple of reasons why you might not be able to see your receipts within Concur.

Firstly, if you have captured your receipts via ExpenseIt, the receipts might still be processing. Check again a little later. These receipts will appear in the "Available Expenses" section. This is also where receipts will be if you have emailed them to

Secondly, if you have emailed your receipts to Concur, check that you have used the correct email address Your receipts will appear in the "Available Receipts" section. You can navigate to this by clicking on Available Expenses and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

You will only see your receipts within Concur if the email address that you sent the email from has been verified. Log into Concur - Profile Settings - select Email Addresses and select the Verify icon next to the email address you need to verify. You will need to wait 10 minutes for the verification email and then paste the code in the box as requested.

How do I add more than one receipt to an expense?

Right click and copy link location to grab the urlIf you want to add multiple documents to one receipt line just keep adding them.  If you have already attached a receipt Concur will ask you if you want to amend the receipt, say yes and Concur will add the second receipt to the already existing receipt.  You will need to scroll down to see the next page that contains your second document.